JT Camp n°1


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Initiation Program for girls in GIS

sig filles et femmes

Are you interested in Geographic Information Systems (a tool for geographical representation of the data)? Would you like to enhance your knowledge in this area? Whether you have a graduate level in computer science, GIS, geography, geology, environment, sociology, agronomy or any other area, take...

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Young innovators competition


Holidays have come and after “Jiggen ci TIC contest”, you are looking for a competition to show the world what you can do and the great ideas you got...

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She leads Africa – Pitch competition


She Leads Africa’s Entrepreneur Showcase is a platform that introduces the continent’s most promising female entrepreneurs to investors, accelerators, and mentors looking to invest in the next generation of African tal ent...

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ISOC Senegal Award 2014


Last Saturday June 21th, 2 co-founders and 2 members of Jjiguene Tech Hub were invited to ISOC Awards Gala dinner at Terrou bi.

But what is ISOC Awards?

This award is given to people who did a lot in promoting the ICT field in Senegal...

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Codecamp #5


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Tekki 48 – Dakar


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World Summit Award & African eContent Award


Hello champions!

Considering amazing products from the African Region, the WSA Board of Directors hasdecided to organize for the first time the “African eContent Award”. The procedure will be:

  • The WSA Grand Jury will do the selection
  • All nominees from African countries submitted by WS...
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A computer “made by” me


Hello Girls & Guys!

Does computer recycling interest you? You must like it because we are going to create a Jerrycan.

What is a Jerry can?

Most known by the name of Jerry, a Jerrycan is a computer that we create with a recycled computing materials and phoney.

The concept come from Pa...

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JiggenciTIC contest 2014


You are a girl or a woman, you live in Senegal and you have a project or an idea in the field of ICT that you would like to develop, You should definitely participate in the contest Jiggen Tic Ci to see your dream come true. So go ahead and subscribe! Official website of the competition www...

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